Emperor 1-Piece Drainable Convex Pouches

The Emperor range of one piece drainable convex pouches have been designed to provide optimum comfort and security along with all the essential features required of a drainable pouch.

The drainable outlet design is secure, easy to open and clean, and can be tucked up under the fabric covering if you wish

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Why Choose Emperor One-Piece Convex Drainable Pouches?

  • Outlet opens with a simple one handed pinch either side
  • Wide outlet for ease of emptying and cleaning
  • Double security fastening offering maximum peace of mind
  • Optimised filter flow to minimise both ballooning and pancaking
  • Secure, flexible and comfortable skin protector that conforms to the body contours and moves with you
  • Clear tabs for simple removal of the release film
  • Comfortable, breathable and durable fabric designed for optimal comfort and pouch discretion
  • Pouch front has a split fabric window allowing ease of positioning and reassurance

Emperor One Piece Drainable Convex Pouch Product Family

Product CodePip CodeProductSizeQty per Pack
SKURD060148Pip Code428-0236Product1-Piece Drainable Convex Pouch (Std)SizeCut-to-Fit 15-48mmQty10